The Territory
A small jewel set in the middle of the Anglona, Martis covers an area of about 22 sq. km. and is built on an area of great geomorphological, environmental and historical importance. Its ancient origin, dating to the Miocene era and subsequent geological events, have sculpted a soft and gentle landscape, now marked by volcanic and sedimentary rocks that break up the wavy hills into evocative valleys and gorges. Among these gorges, that once were rich of impetuous rivers that eroded the sides, Today they flow along a course with a multiform aspect: winding summer rivers and rushing winter rivers, in which proceed, as in the case of the Rio Mastino which is wedged between steep cliffs of the gorge of Badde Traes, in a rapid waterfall with a crystal-clear sound in Triulintas. A landscape of considerable charm dotted, hear and there, by the colours of trachytic and the countless shades of the vegetation that covers sides and valleys surrounding the small lake at the foot of the waterfall. A mirror of light where the silence, scented by flowers, aromatic herbs and plants, is interrupted by the rhythmic sound of the water, the singing of the birds and the rustling of the leaves caressed by the wind. Images that lead to a remote past when large lakes and huge forests covered an area that extended to about 100km up to the Anglona boundary, including Martis and a lot of villages around it. But not everything disappears. Silent and imposing, petrified with the smallest detail, trees of that ancient forest still remain. Behold Carrucana: an extremely rare heritage, unique on the island itself, a petrified forest where the passages of time still echo.
The landscape changes to make it unmistakable to this corner of the Earth still unknown to most. Fragments of that ancient green mantle still cover a part of the territory revealing its natural richness. Oak woods alternate with Mediterranean scrub bushes and evergreen shrubs. almost brush strokes of colours where people can immerse themselves and savour the particular scents. Along the course of water, enriched by willows, tamarisk and poplar, various species of aquatic birds find their ideal habitat. Numerous small animals among which martens, weasels, foxes and rodents are very common, while, in the sky, it is not rare to see buzzards and majestic grey herons circling.