Ground and vineyard
The teaching of tradition

Guarda 'l calor del sol che si fa vino,
Giunto all'umor che dalla vite cola.
Canto XXV del Purgatorio
Dante Alighieri (1265-1321)

Wine has always a deep attachment to his place of origin, and the cultural heritage and the history of Martis talks about lands naturally designated for viticulture. 
Soils, with their predominantly limestone origin and the exposition to hot draughts coming from the sea, creating a microclimate suitable for the cultivation of vines, which have different varieties traditionally related to the territory, are favourable to the production of wines characterized by bodies and structure.
The vineyards, reared to guyot and spurred cordon, have a plant density lower than 5.000 plants per hectare, chosen to obtain limited productions, but of high quality.