Binzamanna, vini sardi in un territorio unico
AZIENDA VITIVINICOLA BINZAMANNA di Sara Spanu, Loc. Tanca de Sas Piras - 07030 MARTIS SS

main distributor

Vitivinicola Binzamanna Srl

07030 MARTIS (SS) –  IVA – VAT  IT 02505280905

Where to buy

here is where you can find our wines for sale

The map shows only the points of sale where you can buy our wines, therefore it does not include restaurants, wine bars or distributors. We also apologize for the incompleteness of the data as we are continuously updating the data in our possession. Unfortunately we are not aware of the points of sale served by distributors, therefore we invite resellers not present to report us. We will immediately provide for the insertion.